Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Not too many pics from classes this time but you'll have a laugh from this one. We had a night in Kiama after my Berrima class on Sunday and on Monday morning there was a quilt sale at the Community Arts Centre. They must have known I was in town! Minutes after this pic was taken Daisy was wheeled up the main street to the council depot to have a new paint job - what a funny sight.
Nowra Quilters had a display in the old fire station but I forgot to ask how often - maybe once a month? Some lovely things and all for sale at very reasonable prices.
The Noodle Box belongs to Jennifer from Berrima who's made it to give away to her sister - lucky girl. Lots of magazine publicity around at the moment for our Springwood High School quilt show with good friend Marilyn's smiling face in most of the write-ups.
Make sure it's on your calendar to visit over the Anzac weekend.
Finally received my copy of the latest Kaffe Fassett book - what a feast for the eyes.