Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Have fun!

Found this great site where you can make puzzles from pictures. Click on the quilt and have a go at the puzzle. What fun!

No pics in this post again - my trusty camera went back to Coonamble last Sunday! I'll have to start using the big guns from now on - hope it's easy. The girls travelled over 300kms to Bathurst and Wendy even drove up from Melbourne for the weekend. They all stayed in a local motel and were having a wonderful time as you can imagine.
All coped really well with foundation piecing and we had a Georgetown circle and two curved flying geese blocks all happening at the same time. It was a busy day.
On the train Monday into Quiltsmith for another enjoyable day - sadly the classes finish next month. It's a fantastic shop with just my sort of fabric at every turn.
Only 16 more sleeps til quilt camp - hooray! Requirements have been emailed and I'm sure students are busy sorting fabrics and getting ready for a fab weekend. More on the subject soon.


  1. I couldn't resist, Chris, and I agree - it IS fun!! Thanks for the link :-))

  2. Hi Chris,
    The Coonamble girls had a great time in Bathurst every time I called in they were heads down tails up going hell for leather no time to talk. They were a very industrius lot! The puzzle was fun to do. Looking forward to Camp.