Monday, August 16, 2010

Springwood Quilt Show and more

I can't believe I did it! I created a Widget to link from my blog to our Springwood Quilt Show blog.
It's on the sidebar - go and check out the progress on our raffle quilt.
Lots of problems this morning with blogger and photos so the previous post pics have no captions - never mind. From the top down they are
Lurley's from Blackheath
Work in progress on my 1940's DW rings
Another block from my circle sampler soon to be a bigger size
Judy's NYB quilt from Quiltsmith class

I'm off to Toowoomba at the end of September for the Quilting on the Downs week of classes organised by Lisa from Precious Time quilt shop. How exciting and in great company too. Sue Ross, Kathy Doughty and Robyn Ginn to name just a few. Have a look here at the program - it sounds wonderful and I'm so delighted to be asked along for the ride. It's in conjunction with the Carnival of Flowers Festival and should be great fun.

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