Sunday, November 7, 2010


He looks so cute doesn't he? But in reality he is a vicious predator who has killed and dismembered seven of our chooks. They died a horrible death and we set a trap - who would have thought we'd get a spotted quoll. One down from Tasmanian devils in the ferocity stakes. He's gone to a wildlife park and no relatives have shown themselves so it's time to get some more girls.

This is Sue's quilt from August's quilt camp - the centre is perfect and will soon be repeated in a
wide border. Just beautiful.

How could such an ugly plant produce such beautiful flowers. It is virtually growing in cement and hardly gets watered and there were 13 blooms on it. They don't last long but are perfumed and so lovely.

This stunner belongs to Sonia from Bathurst. It has been an exercise in challenging herself to get out of the "pink and green" comfort zone. And tho it's taken a while to complete - the girl has kids and also goes to work - you must agree it's  sensational - so graphic. Just needs a final small black border and she's sweet!
I have been flat out lately writing patterns for four up-coming magazine projects and quilting my Lots of Dots quilt in readiness for January's classes. It's hard to stay inside on a day
like today when it's such beautiful weather.

Remember this quilt? Here's the email I received from Dawn in NZ:
"Hi Chris I completed my quilt earlier this year and you have placed it on your blog...WELL....just to let you know that I entered my version of Pickled Lillies into the Auckland Calico Christmas Show for this weekend and have won 3rd prize in the small bed quilt section. I am over the moon as this is only the second time I have entered quilts. Thank you so much for your design and challenge."
I'm really happy to receive pics of finished quilts made from a pattern of mine and it's so exciting when one wins a prize. Well done Dawn.


  1. Chris, my plant is blooming too. Aren't the flowers simply fabulous? (I'm glad I only have to contend with possums!)

  2. So sorry about your chooks. I suppose the fellow was just doing what Mother Nature designed him for, but he can do it elsewhere now. I love all the quilts shown, but find the New York Beauty especially stunning. Michele

  3. I was wondering what the creature in the cage is. Never heard of one by that name.
    The quilt projects are very good. Lots of spikey points in two of them and I like that. And Sue's circle piece strikes my fancy too.

  4. I'm so glad you caught the murderer of your poor chickens. You never hear much about Spotted Quolls. All those quilts are stunning!! The colour choices of Sonia's New York Beautys are amazing. The Friendship Circle looks beautiful in blues and how wonderful that the Pickled Lillies won a prize! looking forward to seeing your Dotty Circles all quilted!