Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kind deed

To start the day here's a link to lots and lots of tutorials for quilts and related projects. You could spend quite a while just browsing and I'm sure you'd come up with something new.
Now for the eye-candy:
Coral from Hobbysew

Barbara from Hobbysew

The start of Daphne's lovely quilt for her grand-daughter

Lovely Lurley in paradise

For our Cotton Reel Quilters Xmas party we had to bring a block that starts with the first letter of our name - here's my Circular saw block - groovy! 24" across - I found it in a book of 5000 blocks and drew it up in EQ. Easy piecing too.
Have you seen Barbara Brackman's blog? Always interesting with lots of quilt history and links to antique quilts. WELL! Her latest post talks about a quilt block that goes by various names - Botch Handle is one of them. I just happened to have made a quilt for my son using the same block - mine was called Devils Claw. I sent Barbara a pic and she's put it in her post with a very kind link back to me! What a lovely lady - thanks Barbara. It is an easy block to sew - 16" so nice big pieces and looks so graphic.


  1. Your blog should be called Eye Candy, there's always so many stunning quilts!!!!

  2. Chris all the quilts on the last few blogs have been beautiful. Such loads of talented and patient Patchworkers not to mention their inspiring Tutor!

  3. Congrat's on being mentioned in Barbara's blog, along with a photo of your gorgeous quilt. She did that with me once, and it was a great pat on the back from a quilting legend. She's a sweet lady.
    Love your work!