Monday, December 6, 2010

19 more sleeps!

til xmas that is. It's hard for me to get in the mood - it just seems we are forced to buy presents for people who don't need them, which they probably won't like anyway. I've already gone the "I've bought you a goat" or "here's your composting toilet" idea so it's back to presents. Oh well - that's xmas.
Anyway one thing that's lifted the mood is this from Di at Snippets and Scraps - scroll down to the video and take the time to watch it please.
How's this for a lust-after bag. All the girls in the class wanted it but Jeff has made it for his cousin for xmas. The pattern came from his NZ holiday and the result is to die for don't you think.

Cathie planned this in EQ to be surrounded by lots of storm at sea blocks.
Tho she is new to the program it is worth the effort I think.

Bev might need her sunnies when this is on the wall. She's a head down, pedal-to-the-metal kind of girl and has done a fantastic job on these 6" NYB blocks! She's now started on a bigger version.

Nancy's beautiful Mariners Madness

Pam's start to a NYB quilt with that wow factor.

Looking for some holiday sewing? Sewmamasew has a grocery bag challenge going on and there are lots of patterns for making cloth bags. Use up some of that stash maybe?
Classes are winding down for the year with xmas parties happening all over the place. Hope you're enjoying some too.
We just need 2 weeks of hot sunny weather for our holiday on the Central Coast - here's hoping.
Spare a thought for the people of the Central West with all those flood waters for the second time this year.


  1. The clamshell handbag is unique. Something I would use for sure.

  2. You made me laugh with your Christmas present comments!! You forgot the "Here's some real estate on the moon" Or " You now have a star named after you". I'm working on some mug rugs which probably fall into the catergory of things they don't really want but I'm using up some scraps and having fun making them. The bag is an absolute treasure and lots of amazing, clever quilts as always.(Saving the video to watch when I'm not on the train.)

  3. What talented students you have, Chris, inspired by you! I just adore the clam shell bag too. Thank you for the link to my silly video clip. When it's a tad too hot and humid here I sometimes hanker for my own white Christmas :-))