Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy campers!

Once again our quilt camp has come and gone in such a short time. Lots of planning culminated in a great weekend for all and it was the biggest roll-up we've ever had.
The weather was kind but cool - just right for sewing til 2am for some of us!
Here a just a few pics from my phone which is why they are so bad. It might have been the wines I had before our show-and-tell on Saturday night do you think.

Lyn's Gilly's coverlet

Lorraine's Dahlia - the 1st one I've seen finished!

See the ribbon? Alice won Best in Show at the recent Camden Show - what a star!

Pam's quilt for her daughter

Marrianne's HUGE top with the most amazing broderie purse flowers
These are only a few of the fantastic quilts shown on Saturday night. The variety and workmanship was truly inspiring. Quilt camp is a fun time to get away and do what we love the most with good company and lovely surroundings.
I stole this quote from Kathy Doughty's blog - I'm sure she won't mind as she put into words exactly what I was thinking of our weekend.
"It is fun to have someone show us how to do things. It is fun to sew in a group. It is fun to share the joy of creating in a group of like minded individuals."
How true!


  1. I had great fun Chris. Lots of sewing, a few drinks, great company. An inspiring group of women - we are all so creative to be able to chop up little bits of fabric and recreate them into stunning quilts. Sign me up for next time!

  2. Aren't all those quilts just so beautiful! It was a wonderful weekend!! The quote you've used sums it up perfectly!

  3. Ok how do we sign up for this amazing retreat.

  4. Love the pics and seeing all the quilts. Looking forward to camp this weekend. Happy Days....