Monday, May 23, 2011

More various

I teach at The Home Patch in Bathurst on a monthly basis and Anni and the staff are such lovely girls. (Pete too).
I saw recently that Anni's blog has been rated among the best 5 quilting blogs  and not only does she have a new book out but she also has a new fabric range (scroll down in the post to see it).
The Home Patch was one of the traders at our recent Springwood Community Quilt Show and Anni has been a regular at the show since it's inception.

Anni and Pete have just come back from Salt Lake City Quilt Market and it's pleasure to see a couple who work so hard and who are such a lovely people do so well. Congratulations to you both.
Only four more sleeps til our quilt camp this weekend! I can hardly wait to have some solid sewing time and the chance to chill out with good friends.The nights will be chilly indeed at our venue out in the wilds of Mulgoa but a few hot toddies will help to ward off the cold!
Be sure to have a look at my friend Rachel's blog over at Blue Mountain Daisy - she's joined the Sew mama sew giveaway day and has some great prizes on offer. Rachel's one of our happy campers too.
Now for some pics
Lots of dots happening here!

The start of Elizabeth's Pickled Lillies

Emperors wheel finished

More dots from Berrima

Dianne has been busy finishing - redwork Noodle box

Dianne's Mariners centre

Are you signed up to the International Quilt Study Centre quilt-of-the-month emails? You should be. Every month you'll be sent a link to a quilt from their collection at the University of Nebraska.
Check out this month's quilt - hexagons to die for! There is an exhibition on that I'd kill to see - here's a blurb about it:

"May 28 will mark the opening of the next major international quilt exhibition in the IQSCM galleries. Elegant Geometry: American and British Mosaic Patchwork will feature beautiful mosaic patchwork, technical marvels from "both sides of the pond." It is curated by Bridget Long, quilt historian from the United Kingdom, who studied the pieces during her IQSCM Fellowship in 2009 and initiated the research that informs this exhibition. She contributed the primary essay for the accompanying catalog of the same title."

Let's hope the catalogue becomes available outside the exhibition.


  1. What I loved about seeing Annie at her stall at the Springwood Show is while she was helping people she was stitching at the same time. That is a woman who really loves to sew and it comes through in her designs and shop. I'm feeling a bit gobsmacked at all the amazing work you've shown today- stunning. Thanks for mentioning my giveaway! Yay for Camp!!

  2. I like how you call those pieces "dots". You teach those quilters well how to do such precise sewing.

  3. Hi Chris! I follow Anni's blog, and I just won her book! How cool is that!? My daughter asks 'how many sleeps' until things a lot. I've never heard anyone use the phrase before. :) Love the pics. They look like such fun to put together!