Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It seems like ages since I've posted here but I have been really busy travelling all over with a swag of 2-day classes here and there. It's great to be home I can tell you.
One thing that happened before I went away was the swap-over of my Tuesday night group's mini border-go-round.
We have been working on these for the last six months with everyone providing their centre block and maybe some fabric. It was boxed up and passed around the group in secret with various borders added each round. A maximum of 4" border size was chosen but the quilts are really not mini.
They are absolutely stunning and each one is a reflection of the owner - how well we all know each other after sewing together for @ 15 years.
Zoom in and check out the details.

Lisa - sorry about the blurry pic in all the excitement!

Anni - interesting there were 3 blue and white quilts in the swap.

Bev - she now has to repaint the wall it was being made for.

Marilyn - it was such fun to choose fabrics and a design for each designated border

Robyn - says it all

Lyn - love that doily

And this is mine! Just perfect. Thanks guys.
 If you've never done something like this in your group give it a go. Not too many rules and it's a lot of fun and stretches one's capabilities too.
Did you see this book at the Quiilt Mania stand at the show - it's to die for if you're into antique quilts.
Lots of words and pictures to keep you drooling for hours.

I've even had a go at drawing this centre in EQ7.


  1. All of those quilts are so wonderful in their own ways. So many great border ideas! What a fun thing to do with a sewing group. The book looks fabulous too! Enjoy your days at home.

  2. Such beautiful quilts! Especially loving Lyn's bows and Robyn's colours :-))