Monday, July 25, 2011

Out and about

These pics are from my Figtree class and Quilt Escape at Warriewood

Same centre compass but the result is entirely different because of fabric choices. I really like them both.

This is amazing isn't it! The outside of each block is actually printed fabric and we had fun fussy-cutting it to get that look. Who would have thought?

These belong to four different girls but they could be from the one project.
They worked really hard over the two days at Cottage Quiltwork's Quilt Escape and let's hope they continue the good work.
 Two doily fans chose this class instead.As you can see the blocks are coming along nicely - a bit of ric rac here and there and the more embellishing the better the result. Zoom in for a closer look.
 Who would have thought to collect doilies with Mexicans on them - I always pass them by but in this project they looked great. Add the right fabric and it all comes together - what fun!
On the subject of all things doily an amazing shop called Peppergreen in Berrima is sadly closing down.
Anyone who has been there knows it's a treasure-trove of linen, fabric, books, china - you name it they've probably got it. All stock is 50% off and I did some damage recently but got some fantastic tablecloths and other embroideries for future projects.
Happy escapees!

Have a look here at the EQ quilt gallery. I sent in the file for my Faux wedding ring quilt and it's on this months list. Scroll down to number 215 and look at all the other fabulous designs while you're there.
There has been a lot of interest in this design and the plan is to write up the pattern this week.
I'm off to Hobbysew Belconnen this weekend for 2 days of classes. Wish me luck as it was - 4deg overnight there yesterday!


  1. Your EQ7 faux wedding ring quilt is fabulous, Chris! I wish we lived closer so I could quilt it for you. It's wonderful. When your pattern is ready, do let me know!

  2. You go to lots of cold places, you should get a doona suit, :). Lots of wonderful quilts again. I always enjoy seeing the same pattern done in different fabrics. I think your faux wedding ring quilt is going to be very popular!!