Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eye candy

Lots of pics today as I try to catch up with photos students send me:
Glenda's New York cushion - too clever

A student from class at AQC - so sorry I can't remember your name!
Combining my Jacobean Star with Michelle Hill's applique class. How good does this look.

Sue's Almost Austen and do you mknow I've misplaced the original quilt!
Thought I had it on display in a shop somewhere but it's nowhere to be found.

Elke's so-o-o complicated NYB block.

Kris' Dahlia.

Sue sent me this - what a hoot!

Linda from Wagga - Mariners Madness

Margaret's Jacobean Star.
Thanks to everyone who sends me photos from classes I've done. It might take a while but it eventually gets into blogland.
I'm off to Canberra this weekend for 2 days at Hobbysew Belconnen. Wish me luck in this cold, cold weather and then it's 2 days at Jukejemna in Nowra. Lucky I like travelling!


  1. I was rolling on the floor laughing at that sewing guide!! Priceless!! Everyone's quilts are so amazing. The Jacobean Star combined with applique blocks is amazing!! The New York Beauty is so fun.

  2. Love the NYBeauty too ! jI wish I had such clever ideas !
    And now I know what to blame, when I'm making sewing mistakes ...undone beds, no lipstick on... sigh...wish I had known this before ;-)

    I've seen your quilts on Rachael's blog ! Awesome !!

  3. beautiful quilts love that mariner's compass quilt, wow! the NY pillow is just really fun, thanks for sharing

  4. What a thrill it must be to receive photos of the quilts that students start in your classes. The results are spectacular. thank you for sharing.

  5. Those are some amazing works there - Elke's NYBeauty really amazes me.