Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Fathers Day to all dads!

Great Supernova blocks from Marge

 Also some of her Lots of Dots circles - she's using the same background fabric in all blocks. Should be an interesting look.

Lesley's Friendship Ring made from a French General layer cake.

Part of Janelle's Lots of Dots

Margaret and Jenny working hard to remove paper from this...

And then it will look like this....YUM!

Class at Bathurst yesterday was full of eye-candy. Sondra's Pickled Lillies centre block.
Donna's centre compass from Mariners Madness

And here she is concentrating hard in front of Anni's beautiful Birds in Paradise.
Just needs the bias on and it's done.

Marge is well on the way too with her Mariners centre.
I'm off to the city for a couple of days this week and attending a Quilters Guild workshop on "What judges look for". Should be interesting!


  1. Isn't it amazing how many different colour combinations we see these wonderful patterns made in. They all look wonderful! If any judges are looking at my quilts I like them to be galloping past on a horse.

  2. Wow! everything is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. It is all very inspiring.

  3. thanks for another great workshop.........I wasn't supposed to be in that

  4. Rachealdaisy you make me laugh now we know that is not true of your quilts!. Hello Chookyblue. It will be interesting to see Marge's adaption of Lots of Dots completed with using the same background. Great class pictures.