Monday, September 24, 2012

Interesting "stuff"

The filming of the dvd went well I thought tho the proof will be in the viewing won't it.
The studio went from this ......
to this in a matter of moments but you'll have to wait til the January issue of Quilters Companion to see the rest. Clare and the crew were so laid back all day it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.

Not one of my quilts below but this is Lorraine's topper she's doing in a class with Val Moore.
Machine applique and sashiko in the diamonds - lovely work even tho Lorraine has issues with handwork!

Bronwyn hit the finish line with her Mariners quilt and has chosen the perfect border.

Sue  finished the Ferris Wheel workshop she started at quilt camp and it's on it's way to some very lucky parents.

Vicki is working her way thru the Lots of Dots BOM. Don't you love these geese.
NYB's with a modern choice of fabrics. Love that centre and the teal setting fabric is a perfect fit.

Now for something completely different! Has anyone seen one of these before?
A market find recently and I just love it. The swans have pipe cleaners for necks and each one is  crocheted as one piece then joined in a circle. What would you put in the middle of this gem! Maybe pickled onions and cheese cubes!

I recently founbd this site full of interesting sewing "things". Check it out and you might find something too.
Hope you'll all enjoy the school holidays and the Long Weekend coming up not to mention Daylight Saving starts soon - whoopee!

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  1. I'm a bit behind on my blog reading... but I'm glad I didn't miss all these beautiful quilts. Love the TV studio shots!! Bronwyn's Mariners is so beautiful. I got mine back from the quilters today, I'll have it for show and tell next class.
    The swan doily is just so wonderful!!