Monday, March 11, 2013


Sandra brought this quilt top to class recently - the popular Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses.
Isn't it beautiful! So soft and "low volume".
She's also finished this top - her version of my Texas Wheel quilt.

You can see the hexie flowers here. Too cute.
Lorraine just whipped this up over the Xmas break. My Deco Lamp centre with over 100
3" square-in-a-square blocks. Looks amazing.
Here's some of the fussy cutting that took place.

Do you remember the piano cover I showed you ages ago? Well it's done and quilted by now.
This is the outside octagon about to be appliqued over the centre.

Check out the wedding rings around the octagon. The ladies from the Redeemer Baptist Church in Nth Parramatta have done an amazing job and it will look wonderful over the grand piano.
I've been promised a pic when it's all in place - can't wait. It was a very interesting project and the girls knew exactly what they wanted - I was just the guide on this journey.
We've all just come home from quilt camp where there were amazingly creative things happening all over the room.
I don't have one pic but I know Rachael will put lots on her blog this week. Make sure to check it out.


  1. What a variety of projects this time Chris - so different! Of course I love the POTC. The piano cover is going to be marvelous in church - what an original use of your pattern.

  2. What a beautiful interpretation of POTC!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  3. I didn't take many photos at Camp this time, It went by so quickly. That Lucy Boston quilt is to die for, I bet it's fun looking at all the fussy cutting close up. I'm so impressed at the beautiful big compass for the grand piano. It's hard to believe the size of it. What a wonderful thing for those ladies to make something so beautiful for their church. How precious are those hexie flowers. I can't wait to see Lorraines quilt at the Springwood Quilt Show, I'm going to enjoy looking at all those beautiful Japanese fabrics.

  4. I really really like Lorraine's quilt it is quite spectacular.

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