Monday, February 25, 2013

Eye candy

A collection of pics from various classes. Some even from the end of last year!
All beautiful and a credit to the maker.
Anni - Birds in Paradise

Barbara - Prickly Pines

Lesley - Noodle Box

Inger - French Circle

Jenny - Mariners Madness

Lisa - NYB blocks

Margaret - Supernova Leftovers

Noelle - group Xmas challenge

Ros - Mariners Garden

Tracey - Summer School table centre

Wendy - Reproduction NYBs
Patterns for all these projects are available in my etsy shop HERE. 


  1. please tell Annie her quilt is beautiful.......

  2. Love the quilts and works in progress. It must give you a lot of joy to see your patterns transformed into so many colour ways.

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  4. So many beautiful quilts and blocks!! I love the way your patterns work in any colour range. Hmm I'm not sure about that concrete, glue removal guy...