Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tokyo Quilt Show pt 1

We are finally here! It's freezing and raining but who cares. These are my travelling companions, Heather, Esme and the long suffering Tony
As you can see we're all rugged up 
Note the diamond quilt on the forecourt!
We queued for 30 mins for a ticket, then 30 mins to actually get in. All those umbrellas are out in the rain. 
This is the view on entry. The show is over the baseball pitch with the stands all around for eating and resting. 
Just a few pics of quilts I liked and more in the next post. 
All the pieces in the compass were appliqu├ęd not pieced. 
Close up of the above. 

Amazing stretched diamonds. 
This was,so intricate. 
More tomorrow with this great free wi fi. We're off to have yummy ramen for dinner. 


  1. Wow, those quilts are amazing!! Enjoy your ramen, and stay warm.

  2. wow, appliqueing all those shapes - I tip my hat! enjoy your visit

  3. Japanese quilts are something else, aren't they? Those stretched diamonds. Sigh. Keep enjoying yourself!

  4. Unbelievable, how many hours would that applique have taken, what amazing skill and patience. You will have so much to tell us when you get back. Keep warm and enjoy every minute.

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  6. thanks for posting quilts - wow !