Thursday, January 8, 2015

What an issue!!

 Have you seen the January issue of Homespun? I finally found one today in the newsagent and I'm on the cover! What a beautiful rendition of my 30s Wheel quilt featured in the mag.
Foundation pieced rings of vintage style fabrics with embroidered linen centres.
These were cut from old doilies and a tablecloth from my rather large collection.
With just a few hexagons for good luck.
There's also a bio of me written so long ago I'd forgotten what I said but it makes me sound like a real quilter!

And that's not all - this is Hobbysew's ad for their new BOM designed by me. Featuring their Aboriginal range plus blenders, it's an exercise in different techniques and comes together for a double bed-sized quilt.
I made this over 12 months ago (actually I made four of them for other Hobbysew stores!) and it's great to see it finally released. Sign up now - I guarantee you'll love it.

But wait there's more. In this same issue is a hexagon project from my good friend Janelle Noack.
Janelle and I will be teaching together in Cooma in February - can't wait to catch up with her.

So it's a great issue all round - grab it while you can!
And don't forget the 10% off sale in my etsy store for all of January.


  1. Congratulations....cover looks great

  2. An absolutely stunning quilt! I must get a copy of the magazine :)

  3. How exciting that you are on the cover! That is such a lovely quilt. I love the way the background fabric looks. I have been collecting doilies and things for just such a project. The aboriginal print one looks great too. It would be fun to see that in completely different colours just to see how it would look. Well done Chris!

  4. What an eye catching cover, and a gorgeous quilt!! Your BOM is sure to sell well. It's a great way to show off the aboriginal print fabrics.

  5. wow Chris - it looks great - both do. I might have a look at the Hobbysew BOM next time I'm in (2 weeks but who is counting)

  6. Congratulations Chris - such a pretty quilt and I love the vintage embroidery!

  7. I just commented on this on their FB page.... big congrats to you but you deserve it! What a fab creation! Happy New Year Chris! xCathy

  8. Such a beautiful quilt! I admired this at the newsie the other day. Well done!