Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sydney Quilt Show 2015

The show was at Glebe Island again this year and what a great venue. So light-filled and easy to get to with public transport - free bus or ferry.
What a great exhibition this year! Over 400 quilts to see and over 100 in the Red and White category. Amazing work from all our talented members.
One of my entries this year was Go Girl, quilted by Leanne of Mt Vincent Quilts. And what a fab job she did!

The quilting was designed around the centre oval fabric - geisha playing the guitar, with snakes and skulls all around. Quite subtle really!

 Full pic below. Tho I didn't win an award it looks great hanging among all the others. It took a bit of tweaking to square it up beforehand.  I washed then blocked and it worked perfectly.
There were a few quilts made by students of mine and by good friends...

 Becca's NYB from a class in Dorrigo
 Rachaeldaisy's entry in the Red and White was given a Judges Commendation
 Pam's Irish Chain - pity you can't see the quilting
 One of Leanne's entries - my favourite. Quilting was very interesting

Leonie's Emperors Wheel with the centre below
 Ancient Dahlia - so sorry I can't remember the maker's name
 And our Springwood Quilt Show raffle quilt - no prize but looked very pretty .
All the show winners are on the Guild's website here along with the Red and White winners.
Better start thinking about next year's entries!


  1. Love the quilting on your quilt. Thanks for the Pictures !

  2. Thank you for the pictures Chris. It really is a great show this year. The standard of work is of a very high standard and probably one of the best I've been to so far. I loved the Red and White Section. I hope that a Theme section is held again. I went again today and had a browse could go again tomorrow but I think that may stretch the friendship on the home front a bit

  3. wow Leanne did a great job on the quilting...........I was trying to work out the first pic but then read on and wow.........great team effort..............

    All the other quilts are lovely.........thanks for sharing some..........

  4. Well done for exhibiting your quilts Chris - 3 of them including the lovely group quilt! Was nice to catch you there:)

  5. Congratulations on your 10 years as well, loved looking at the quilts in the show, keep up your good work, always next year for a prize.

  6. Wow Chris, your quilt is fantastic and the quilting is superb.