Friday, July 10, 2015

Amazing work with lots of pics!

How's this for a great collection of fabrics! It's made by and is her version of my Emperors Wheel quilt. I just love how she's put her own spin on the design.
Below is a block from Janette's Lots of Dots quilt. Doesn't get much better than this for impact.
Looking completely different is Robyn's compass quilt for her niece. A study in black and grey.
This is a full shot of Janette's Dots quilt top. Have I mentioned this quilt will be our raffle quilt for the 2016 Springwood Quilt Show? We start work on it this weekend.
I've recently been to Quilt Escape at Cottage Quiltworks in  Warriewood, teaching two days of this Atomic Star quilt. Great fun as always. It's a time consuming project so no finishes but they are well,on their way.
Jenny is working on  these Asian Strings blocks - looking good!
Another workshop with Kiama Quilters saw this beauty arrive for show and tell. What a stunner! It started as my Reproduction Beauties quilt but includes some Karen Stone blocks and even some original designs from Cinzia White. There was so much to see in this quilt and the big Paisley was perfect.
I have a BOM going at the moment thru Hobbysew stores - Red Dust. This is one of Gae's blocks. Well done!
Janelle has been doing some fussy cutting for her Chocolate Stars quilt. It never ceases to amaze me the results you can get when playing with the design on the fabric. Look at that circle happening behind the brown star.
Sue and friends are tackling my Strippy Sampler. Curved and string piecing for this strip with lots more to go.
Daphne has started my All at Sea quilt using lots of different blacks. The red and cheddar really bring it alive.
This Birds in Paradise has been in the works for a while and has finally come together for Dennise at Blackheath Hab and Fab. Loving that grey spot! In fact loving the whole quilt.
Completely different style below but Vivian's NYBs are stunning. She's very particular with her fabric choices and it sure has paid off.
Caroline is working her way thru Winbourne with lovely results. That hint of yellow is great.
Beautifully quilted is this Oriental Mariners from Lesley. Another long term project but when it all comes together like this it's all worth it!


  1. Wow! So many beautiful quilts and blocks. It must be great for you to see what different people do with your designs. I love the chocolate stars centre!

  2. Great work as always what a wonderful array of fabrics and blocks.

  3. Oh my! Such an impressive show of intricate-looking blocks and quilts. Your talent at creating FPP designs never ceases to amaze me. It's marvelous to see how you've resonated with so many quilters. I can imagine that it's fun for you to see the myriad possibilities of your designs.