Monday, May 8, 2017


The longer I leave posting the longer I leave posting!
An assortment of two months' activity including this self portrait. It says a lot about me!

I was the judge of the Patchwork and Quilting section at this years Royal Easter show in Sydney. An interesting exercise but unfortunately not that many entries. 
With a couple of helpers I've been making quilts for Leutenegger fabric company. The ranges will be released at Quilt Market this month and it was a buzz to be working with all the different styles. 
Emperors wheel from Robyn at Sew can I in Werrington. 
On IG there's quite a collection of pics of Pickled Fish blocks. This one was picked up by QC mag. 
A table runner for Leutenegger using lovely shot chambrays. 
Sue's Broken arrow centre from class recently. Should have cropped the feet!
Val's Scrap happy looking very happy!

And then there was Springwood quilt show. Lots and lots of hard work by a few with wonderful help from our regular volunteers. 
My stall at the show. Meeting up with lots of friends and new acquaintances was a highlight of the show. This was,our 12th year!
These are my April babies. Two on 26th and lovely Alicia on 27th. Always in the middle of the quilt show but we do our best to celebrate. 
Another judging gig. This time at Eastwood quilt show. Amazing work from all entries and I was in illustrious company. With Amanda Daly and Kathy Doughty enjoying a break between categories. 
And this was my reward for a very hectic couple of months.  Not looking forward to going home to the cold! 


  1. I have the same posting problem. I'll have to try your idea and just post some of the recent projects and "catch up". I've been so negligent, it's hard to think where to start.

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