Sunday, November 6, 2011

Various classes

Lorraine's machine-pieced hexagons

Lorraine again - a Sue Ross class in Toowoomba.
(I really love this quilt).

Pam's camp project  nearly finished - what a woman!

Sue's Lots of Dots - yummo.

Vicki's Mariners Compass from Summer School at Hobbysew - now a lovely cushion

Now this one!! A big blooper turned out beautifully. Well done Sandra.
How's this for graphic - Roxanne's done a great job and used lots of scraps in the process.

Pat's oh-so-gentle Mariners!

Love this use of memorabilia. Roxanne's dad's shirts and jeans and some family pics as well. It was so soft to touch.

I never tire of these NYB's. Val's all ready to be quilted.
I'm off to Bomaderry for two days teaching - see you soon.


  1. oh this post is so painful to view and it is teasing me so much.........I would LOVE to make several of these quilts.........I just don't know where to start......

  2. What a treat for the eyes! And very timely as I am working on Pickled Lilies right now. Its pretty tricky putting together but I am enjoying it regardless.

  3. They look fabulous. Clever use of colour choice and placement of border fabrics with Roxanne's centre piece appearing to float ....say above the sun!