Saturday, May 18, 2013

Down time

What do you do in your down time? I get a chance to work on some of my own projects.
I've had a break from classes lately and I've been madly quilting my entry for this year's Sydney Quilt Show in June.
Have a close look and you can see a "feather-ish" wreath in the centre of the block.
I've quilted diamonds in the sashing and a swirl in the diamonds themselves.
I've used a combination of straight line and free motion quilting all over the quilt.
I traced a stencil onto the centre and I must get that blue pen out. There are so many threads on the back to trim off.

I've also been quilting this for a project in Quilters Companion magazine later in the year.
Both quilts are due the same week early in June so I've been very busy. I even bought a new walking foot - $145! - because I'd worn the other one out in the 13 years I've used it. The new one is so much better thank goodness.

Lots of free motion quilting and outlining with the walking foot.
I really like machine quilting and the quilt comes alive when you can see lots of surface designs.

This is a WIP - the yellow background is nearly 3 feet top to bottom and the centre oval will be appliqued onto it. Can't wait for the next step which involves some NYB  bits!

As well I've been playing around with some circle blocks from an 1840 English quilt - hand-pieced American style and I can do one circle a night in front of the TV.
These are a bit addictive - I've made several in different fabric styles to see which one will become a new quilt.


  1. Lovely work Chris - great machine quilting. I love the look of that blue and yellow - with the large yellow quilted leaf - so pretty! Your hand pieced circle is beautiful and I recognise a few lovely old fabrics in there :)
    Good luck in the Quilt show !

  2. What are you doing on here then, June is not that far away :)
    I hope you win as I love the look of that quilt....goodluck!!

  3. So lovely - great work(wo)manship & fabric choices. Love that geisha with the skull!

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt finished and hanging at the show. The blue and yellow is looking wonderful too. You certainly get your moneys worth out of your walking foot seeing it lasts 13 years. Love your WIPs too, the Geisha quilt is going to be super fun!!

  5. Love the 1840's block. One per night you say?...ummm.