Monday, June 3, 2013

Class quilts

How's this for wow-factor! Colleen bought this You Little Beauty pattern from my etsy shop and has made a fantastic version of her own. She was a little hesitant to design her own border but with a bit of emailing back and forth it's turned out to be a stunner don't you think.

Lorraine (top) and Sandra (below) are working on my Hatchet quilt with two totally different looks happening. It's not a quick project and needs precision but it's so worth the effort.
I think they're having fun?
Shocking pics from my phone - sorry!
Bronwyn is nearing the end with her Chocolate Stars quilt. Just some corner compasses to go.
And this amazing top is Chris' from a Hobbysew class. She's used a striped background behind the compass which looks fantastic and the red stripe either side of the diamond border is a "film strip" design. Who would have thought! It's just perfect in that position and I think she's justifiably proud of her effort.
Sydney Quilt Show is fast approaching and I'll be there next Wednesday to see all the prize giving and check out the winning quilts especially the Best in Show. 11am near the entrance to the quilts if you're interested.
On the subject of quilt shows and winning quilts check out this blog post on how to block a quilt to make sure it is perfectly square - very interesting.


  1. Am looking forward to the show too Chris - but won't make it till Sunday I think. Thanks for the link re blocking - I have never bothered with all that but maybe I should have LOL! Have you?

  2. Hi Chris,
    Some good quilting going on there. Love the green in Colleen's quilt gives it Zing! Can you send me the blocking link also please. My quilt for the Show has been delivered to my drop off lady. Before time this Year! Yeh!

  3. I might see you at 11 on Wednesday! I'll be heading up for it. So excited.

    Gorgeous quilts you've shown and a ton of inspiration!

  4. Awesome student quilts as always!! Thanks for the link about blocking. Do you block your show quilts? Not sure when I'll make it to the show this year, most likely Sunday.

  5. Chris thank you for including my quilt on your blog! I think I just patted myself on the back!!!