Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sydney Quilt Show

Well guys we did it again! Our raffle quilt Homage won 1st prize in the group category. That's 4 times out of 6 entries!
The beautiful blue ribbon. Susie and I were there to cheer for the group when the winner was announced. Well done everyone!

There were also several entries from past students of mine. Carol was awarded 4th place for this beauty she started at AQC last year.

This was from an Epping Quilters workshop - sorry no name.

And Lois' Mariners Madness. She's the hand piecing queen so this was a real departure for her.
Love that striped border.

Another Mariners from Marrianne.
Birds in Paradise from Marrianne as well.

And friend Pam's Dahlia. The quilting was amazing.

Finally, my Hatchet quilt.
And this is just a part of the view from the upper deck!
over 400 quilts to see and admire. Get there if you can - it's on til Sunday at darling Harbour. You won't be disappointed
If you can't make it check out the winners here. At time of writing pics weren't up yet but come back soon to see all the stunning quilts.


  1. Wow! Gorgeous quilts, I wish I could get to this show! Who is the designer of the Hatchet Quilt pattern? I would love to make that quilt!

  2. Yay for the Raffle quilt winning a blue ribbon!! All those quilts are wonderful , I can't wait to see them when I go to the show on Sunday. I especially love your Hatchet quilt. Are the patterns for it on sale in your Etsy store?

  3. Thanks for sharing these lovely quilts. Congrats to the makers of the raffle quilt, it is stunning!

  4. The Raffle Quilt is a deserved Winner. Congratulations to you all. Lovely to see many of your students entering their Quilts. Marianne's Quilts look great.I like the Hatchet Quilt of yours but I have to say I am very pleased with my Dahlia Quilt thank you for displaying it.. Cross hatching quilting was fun easy to do and very effective.

  5. Congratulations on the Raffle Quilt - it is such a beauty! And must be so exciting for you to see all your patterns/students on display. Your Hatchet is lovely - beautiful warm colours too. Can't wait to see them all on Sunday.

  6. Well done all of you but especially for the Hatchet quilt Chris. It is surely awesome! Wish I was 'over the ditch' to see them in person.
    Cheers Robyn

  7. The raffle quilt is stunning. Congratulations on the win, AGAIN. I'll check them all out on Saturday at the show.