Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Downtown Murrumburrah

They're still there! Last year when I had a workshop at The Quilters Stash these two were playing soccer?? in the window across the road. 12 months later they're still at it!
We had a great two days of the Jacobean Star quilt. Boy did those girls work hard.

These are some of the results...

Many and varied fabrics but they all look good. Hope to see lots of finished quilts in the near future!

A sneak peak at some things I've been working on... more later!

I've signed up for Bloglovin seeing Google reader is departing in July.
If you want to follow my blog use the Bloglovin button on the sidebar. Why do they change things that are working well!!
I came across  the blog from APQS quilting machines in the US. It's really for their long arm  machines but the info is useful for all quilting. Have a look back thru the topics - lots of interesting information.


  1. Hi Chris, The Jacobean Stars are looking good good variation of colour themes. Those to guys are sure keen soccer players. Look forward to sneak peeking more on your new projects.

  2. Ohh I love all those Jacobean Stars!! That pattern looks great in every colour combination!! Nice to see the funny Shreky things are there still. I love your sneak peeks!!

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