Friday, March 21, 2014

Eye candy!

Lots of pics today from recent excursions ...
Birds in Paradise x 3 from Penrith patchwork classes

This is what happens when you think it's all going well!
Snake Gully Quilters had a fab time with their Cut Loose workshop. These could all go in the one quilt. It was a bit out of the comfort zone for some but others did a fine job.

I love to see show and tell from previous visits...

There was even reserved parking for me - thanks Liz!

Roz has made a beautiful version of the Hatchet quilt - love it.

These compasses are from a recent Gerringong workshop
Very modern

Love those stripes

The finished products
A BIG surprise for me recently was the opportunity to have one of my patterns used to promote a new line of Robert Kaufman fabrics! The pattern is Winbourne and the fabric is their metallic Quilters Linen to be released in stores shortly.
Have a look here. It's amazing how Nicole could look past my design and know it would work with their beautiful new line. Very exciting for me and what an honour.
Anyone going to Boston soon? Check this out. Might have to order the book!.


  1. You're right about the wonderful eye candy!! Your pattern looks fabulous in the metallic linen, doesn't that sound like fun fabric! What will they think of next?

  2. Congratulations Chris.....hope it's the beginning of many more to your work

  3. Inspirational - so much to look at and take in! xCathy

  4. Thanks for pointing me to the show in Boston. Though I'm not going to it, in April I AM going to be traveling in with Gerald Roy! We're sharing a ride to the airport following the American Quilter's Society show in Paducah, Kentucky. Need to be in the know about what he's involved with so I can converse like I know something! :-) Love seeing how your students interpret your designs. Wonderful stuff!

  5. How exciting to have your design onto fabric, well done. I just love the country, serene and calm looked to be the order of the day.

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