Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Red and white challenge

This challenge is hosted by SewCalGal and features quilt designs in red and white.
They don't have to be made quilts, just the designs.
I have posted my Birds in Paradise design (2nd quilt below) in the challenge and you should go and have a look at all the other reds and white entries! Amazing.
I also had fun with the Jacobean Star, designed in EQ7. As you can see it's a lone star with appliqued centre circles and appliqued diamonds radiating into the corners.
The quilt would be 55" square.
The design I've entered in the challenge is Birds in Paradise with the New York Beauty block placed in an eight point star.
The block elongates to fill the diamond shape and looks to be spinning.
The centre is surrounded by more traditional NYBs and framed with an appliqued border of vines and circles. This quilt would be 60" square.

Go on over to the challenge site and check out the other entries. Thanks SewCalGal for the chance to link up.


  1. Your patterns look fabulous in red and white!!!

  2. Love the design that you entered into the challenge!

  3. Love that take on the NYB! Gorgeous!

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